What You Should Look For When Choosing The Right Protein Powder

Posted by Nutrition53 Team on 14/09/2013
These days, there are so many protein supplements to choose from. And when choosing a protein powder, the selection process can get daunting. But not all protein powders are created equal. Some are so much better for you than the sea of protein shakes available. When choosing the best, here are the things you need to consider. Read More

Sweets for your sweets: A quick guide to natural and artificial sweeteners (PART 2)

Posted by Nutrition53 Team on 04/09/2013
On part 1 [http://www.nutrition53.com/Sweets-for-your-sweets-A-quick-guide-to-natural-and-artificial-sweeteners-PART-I_b_51.html], some artificial sweeteners were listed, including what risks are associated when consuming them. This time get to know more about natural sweeteners; it could be better suited for you than other sweets. Read More

Sweets for your sweets: A quick guide to natural and artificial sweeteners (PART I)

Posted by Nutrition53 Team on 25/07/2013

When you’re a weight watcher or on the look out for your sugar levels, considering what sugar alternative to consume can get sticky. Alternatives to sugar are either artificial or natural sweeteners. And whether you’re a diabetic or simply looking for the sweet stuff with fewer calories, your options — and the difference thereof — should matter to you. Here’s a quick sweetener guide to better understand the food you eat.

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Tips To Summer-Proof Your Body

Posted by Nutrition53 Team on 20/07/2013
Is your body summer-ready? If you’re one of the many people who scramble for a quick weight-loss plan then you should know that dieting is not as easy as it sounds. While there are a lot of diet plans, exercising combined with a few healthy changes will make for a healthier weight-loss scheme. And with proper follow-through, you can keep your body toned even beyond summer. Follow these dietary tips that works best not just to lose weight but to stay healthy, too. Read More

Know What Nutrients You Lack By Looking At Your Body

Posted by Aaron Driver on 14/07/2013
Our body is a brilliant machine. When it’s perfectly oiled with the right nutrition and exercise, it responds by looking and functioning great. But when something’s amiss, our body’s response is to let us know directly with unwanted body conditions. But with problem areas arising, it’s easy to overlook these conditions because we don’t have an idea what’s really going on. Take time to understand what your body is telling about your nutrition (or the lack thereof) with these hard-to-miss symptoms. But remember, a date with the doctor will always let you know for sure what’s up with your body Read More

Healthy ways to celebrate Fourth of July

Posted by Ben Romanowski on 04/07/2013
There’s no excuse to not enjoy Independence Day. Just remember your well-being is not on break even on a holiday. Here’s a couple of healthy ways to enjoy the Fourth by not going overboard on the merriment by keeping it fun and healthful at the same time. Read More

Before And After Workout Snacks To Enhance Your Exercise

Posted by Ben Romanowski on 28/06/2013
Working out does our bodies wonders but with the right fuel to optimize our performance, our fitness training can improve by two-folds. By eating the right food, it will provide optimum energy levels with proper nutrients to help build muscles and maintain power during workout, and better recovery after workout. Help your body optimize your workout with these pre and post-workout snacks. Read More

Alternative ways to energize without caffeine

Posted by Nutrition53 Team on 04/06/2013

Breakfast, break time, favorite beverage shop, out of energy, do all of these make you think of coffee? You may be a coffee addict. And who can blame you, in this age of too much work with too little time; caffeine is that great energy push you need to go on. But to alleviate or minimize caffeine side effects, consider other energy inducing solutions as an alternative to that cup of coffee.
Get active! Try jumping jacks, push-ups, or use the stairs when you go up or down the office. Anything that gets your blood pumping helps. It not only wakes up your body but also your brain, increasing alertness and your overall energy.
Protein-packed snacks
Power up with protein! Your body uses the protein as a fuel source to keep you energized. Munch on nuts like almonds or even eat dried fruits. But what’s even more convenient is a protein-filled smoothie. Lean1 is the perfect in-between-meal treat in the form of a yummy shake. It’s great for mental and physical stamina that will help you get through your day. Worried that you might put on a few pounds? Lean1 is packed with protein that also helps you to stay lean!
Take multi-vitamins
One reason for low energy levels could be the lack of essential nutrients in your body. Instead of relying on caffeine as a source of energy, it’s about time you give your body what it actually needs. As an insurance, take a Multi1 capsule at the start of your day for a dose of complete vitamins and minerals that helps elevate your mood and energy production everyday.
Get better sleep
 With all the caffeine you take during the day, your energy levels maybe too high even during sleep time, thus pushing you to sleep much later or have a restless sleep. Then the next morning you wake up tired and the cycle goes on again with your caffeine binge. Sleep is an integral part of energy production because it renews your body for another day of action. To get your much needed rest at night, Sleep1 is the perfect night time natural supplement to get you sleeping like a baby that leaves you feeling rejuvenated in the morning, with more energy levels you can use throughout the day.
Hydrate with a glass of ice-cold water
Drinking ice water is the simplest way to shock your sleepy body into full action mode. Dehydration makes you tired and water is still the best way to keep your energy flowing. Drinking water is especially important if you eat lots of salty snacks or drink caffeinated beverages too much, as caffeine is considered a diuretic.

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Posted by Nutrition53 Team on 04/06/2013

Lean1 is the new official sponsor of Sonoma Raceway as NASCAR debuts its new road-course qualifying format on “Lean1 Pole Day” at the Toyota/Save Mart 350 Sprint Cup Series event on June 22, Saturday.

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4 Myths about Vegans

Posted by Nutrition53 Team on 22/05/2013
People say you are what you eat, but when all you eat are plant-based meals, what does being vegan really say about you — and which from those are actually true. Read More