Alternative ways to energize without caffeine

Breakfast, break time, favorite beverage shop, out of energy, do all of these make you think of coffee? You may be a coffee addict. And who can blame you, in this age of too much work with too little time; caffeine is that great energy push you need to go on. But to alleviate or minimize caffeine side effects, consider other energy inducing solutions as an alternative to that cup of coffee.
Get active! Try jumping jacks, push-ups, or use the stairs when you go up or down the office. Anything that gets your blood pumping helps. It not only wakes up your body but also your brain, increasing alertness and your overall energy.
Protein-packed snacks
Power up with protein! Your body uses the protein as a fuel source to keep you energized. Munch on nuts like almonds or even eat dried fruits. But what’s even more convenient is a protein-filled smoothie. Lean1 is the perfect in-between-meal treat in the form of a yummy shake. It’s great for mental and physical stamina that will help you get through your day. Worried that you might put on a few pounds? Lean1 is packed with protein that also helps you to stay lean!
Take multi-vitamins
One reason for low energy levels could be the lack of essential nutrients in your body. Instead of relying on caffeine as a source of energy, it’s about time you give your body what it actually needs. As an insurance, take a Multi1 capsule at the start of your day for a dose of complete vitamins and minerals that helps elevate your mood and energy production everyday.
Get better sleep
 With all the caffeine you take during the day, your energy levels maybe too high even during sleep time, thus pushing you to sleep much later or have a restless sleep. Then the next morning you wake up tired and the cycle goes on again with your caffeine binge. Sleep is an integral part of energy production because it renews your body for another day of action. To get your much needed rest at night, Sleep1 is the perfect night time natural supplement to get you sleeping like a baby that leaves you feeling rejuvenated in the morning, with more energy levels you can use throughout the day.
Hydrate with a glass of ice-cold water
Drinking ice water is the simplest way to shock your sleepy body into full action mode. Dehydration makes you tired and water is still the best way to keep your energy flowing. Drinking water is especially important if you eat lots of salty snacks or drink caffeinated beverages too much, as caffeine is considered a diuretic.