4 Myths about Vegans

People say you are what you eat, but when all you eat are plant-based meals, what does being vegan really say about you — and which from those are actually true.

1. Veganism is a food fad and vegans are just going for what’s “in”: False

Veganism has been around for a really long time and a study in 2012 revealed that 2.5% of the US population are vegans — 2.5%! And this year, plant-based eating is predicted to go even bigger. In fact, the demand and consumption of meat in the US has declined over the years, with more and more people showing interest in being a vegan and planning to stay vegan for good. The Vegetarian Foods Market Assessment stated, “Vegetarian food has moved from being a niche sector” to a “mature and mainstream sector.” Whether for general health and wellness improvement, to animal and environmental welfare, vegans and vegetarians are posing to have a bigger impact in the food industry than ever before.


2. Vegan’s don’t get adequate protein from eating a plant based diet: False

FYI, consuming a diet based on plant proteins can easily meet the protein needs of a Vegan.  In fact research has shown that when a variety of plant foods are consumed over the course of a day Vegans can meet their needs for all the essential amino acids. In fact a Vegan diet contains no cholesterol and is higher in fiber and lower in fat than most meat based diets.  Even protein supplements have gone Vegan! If you’re looking for an all-natural protein supplement that has all the right nutritional components, Vegan1 is Nature’s Protein Shake blended into one easy-to-mix powder, for the most powerful vegan-protein for any day.


3. A vegan diet is bland and boring: False

 A 2011 survey conducted by nutrition expert Janice Stanger Ph.D. revealed that out of more than 2000 respondents, 96.7% say they enjoy the food they eat on a vegan diet. And because vegans only eat certain foods, exploring wider varieties of ingredients and dishes forces them to be more creative and dynamic in the kitchen.


4. Maintaining a vegan diet is difficult and expensive: False and True

 If you’re used to eating fast food then yes, going vegan is pricier than your instant meal. But the growth of the vegan and vegetarian market means higher supply to its high demand. More places are serving and selling plant-based food and once you know where to buy, paying a little more for you’re food will pay off with a kickass health in the long run — and it’s all going to be worth it, promise.