Healthy ways to celebrate Fourth of July

There’s no excuse to not enjoy Independence Day. Just remember your well-being is not on break even on a holiday. Here’s a couple of healthy ways to enjoy the Fourth by not going overboard on the merriment by keeping it fun and healthful at the same time.


Get physical

It’s a great day to stay outside on the Fourth. Try joining marathons or running events. Or if that’s too physical for you, ask your family or friends to play Frisbee or do a game of volleyball by the beach. It’s a great way to have fun and spend time with the people you care about while putting your muscles to good use.


Be mindful of your food

The Fourth of July is a good excuse for hosting a BBQ. And too much hotdogs won’t do your diet any good. If you are hosting a BBQ, don’t just do all lean meat. Throw in some vegetables or even fish in the grill. It will keep your friends and family from getting too stuffed and keep the flavors and nutrients in check as well. In fact, if you’re doing any gatherings with food involved, be a good host and feed your guests with tasty meals that won’t ruin their diets even on a holiday.


Use earplugs

Marching bands during the day then fireworks at night, it can get loud. In fact fireworks can get as loud as 150 decibels and doctors recommend you use earplugs for sounds above 85 decibels. When it gets too loud and the longer and the closer you are to the sound source, it begins to kill the hair cells and nerve endings in your ear and the higher chance for permanent ear damage. Earplugs are small, and handy enough for you to you carry a pair in your pocket, or make sure to cover your ears with your hands to muffle the racket.


Stay refreshed with energizing drinks

When temperature and humidity both reach 70, you are entering the dehydration zone. Water is your best bet against dehydration. Or for a more flavorful, energizing, and refreshing drink, try serving smoothies. Lean1 is the perfect refreshing shake to keep you energized in your activities for the entire day. It’s also the perfect drink to serve your guests for lunch or snacks. Here’s a few smoothie recipes you can do, (http://www.nutrition53.com/blogs/recipes/6566425-strawberry-banana-lean1-smoothie), or make smoothie recipes on your own using Lean1!


Don’t forget to wear sunscreen

When staying out and about, use sun protection to reflect UV rays and avoid sunburns, skin aging or even skin cancer. Even when you won’t go swimming, make sure to re-apply sunscreen every so often to ensure you stay protected from too much sun exposure at all times.