Before And After Workout Snacks To Enhance Your Exercise

Working out does our bodies wonders but with the right fuel to optimize our performance, our fitness training can improve by two-folds. By eating the right food, it will provide optimum energy levels with proper nutrients to help build muscles and maintain power during workout, and better recovery after workout. Help your body optimize your workout with these pre and post-workout snacks.



Have apples or bananas or other easily digestible fruits before you workout for a healthy, natural sugar high. Loaded with fiber, antioxidants, vitamin C, and carbohydrates, these fruits will supply you with ample energy boost to keep you going with your fitness routine.


Meal-replacement Shake

Convenient and easy to prepare, these liquid meals will really pump you up on your workout. One protein-packed smoothie is Lean1. Lean1 is the yummiest solution to give you all the nutrients and energy you need before exercising because it helps bring out the best in your body. It’s also a great post recovery sports drink to help refuel and repair your muscles or have it as a meal-replacement smoothie to help cut calories and achieve a healthier weight. Try a sample here (http://www.nutrition53.com/products/lean1-sample). If you’re a vegan and your protein needs must be purely plant-based, Vegan1 is the perfect vegan smoothie for you, try it here (http://www.nutrition53.com/products/vegan1-sample).



Yogurt is packed with protein and carbohydrates, which are the essential nutrients to help with muscle growth. There are plenty of yogurts available today but Lean1 Pro-Yo (or protein yogurt) is basically all the energizing nutrients of Lean1 in a healthy, frozen yogurt form. You can even add berries for added flavor and nutrition boost.


Lean meat and egg whites

Meat is still one of the best sources of protein and you need protein because it rebuilds and strengthens you muscles. Lean meat and egg whites or even fish will provide your body with amino acids and protein for stronger and bigger muscles.


Trail mix

Trail mix is the perfect energy provider you can nibble on. It has protein for muscle repair and energy so you know you can endure your work out better. The protein in trail mix is also a good go-to post-workout snack so you can maintain your energy after working out.