Facts about Knees and Running

Posted by N53 Team on 06/10/2014
Running is a part of our lives. The moment we learn how to walk we pretty much learn how to run as well, and we’ve never stopped running. However some don’t do this often later in life because they believe that running damages the knees. So, here are a few facts about knees and running. Read More

What ‘Wrong’ You May Be Doing to Your Body

Posted by N53 Team on 17/09/2014
Having a routine is part of life—without it, you would have no pattern to follow and make things chaotic. Routine helps organize your day. Try imagining having no routine—you wake up, decide to get dressed for work, then decide you should shower instead, then decide to take out the trash, and so on. It’s crazy, right? So, routine, without you noticing, makes life run smoothly. However, there are some routine that people do that aren’t good for the body. Here are some. Read More


Posted by N53 Team on 15/09/2014


Shocking title, isn’t it? Even sounds ridiculous, right? Definitely paradoxical. It’s true, though, some healthy foods are bad for you, BUT only if you eat too much of one. So, the main words to remember here is ‘too much’. It seems the phrase ‘too much of one thing can be bad’, also applies to certain healthy foods.


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You’re Never Too Old to Exercise

Posted by N53 Team on 25/08/2014



Do you feel the aches and pains of aging? Do feel the pain in your back when you’re standing or walking for long periods of time? How about the pain in your knees? Do you feel like your bones are creaking each time you move that you feel like using some type of rust lubricant for your joints? What you most probably need is to exercise.


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The Culprit that’s Making You Gain Weight at Your Age

Posted by N53 Team on 18/08/2014


While growing up you didn’t really care what you ate. Life was good—you just enjoyed! Especially with food—it was not a problem since those years you had a fast metabolism. You could eat whatever you wanted—junk foods were the best! But eventually age started catching up to you. Your metabolism isn’t as speedy as it was before, and you have become more conscious, so you start to be smarter in what you take in so that you wouldn’t gain so much weight. But there are certain habits that are associated with different ages that can make you gain weight, which you should try to avoid. Check out the list below:


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Weight Training vs Cardio

Posted by N53 Team on 15/08/2014



When you decide to live a fit and healthier life the first thing that you usually do is take an inventory of what goes into your body. You make changes to what you eat so that you lower the calories you take in, which means you give up a lot of items that do nothing for your body and add items that have more benefits.

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What?? Weight Gain with Diet Foods??

Posted by N53 Team on 04/08/2014



So you’ve been very meticulous about what foods you eat in order to lose weight. Your eyes are quick to check if it’s low-fat, low-calorie, and anything else ‘low’. Nothing gets past you; you’re better than any security check out there. But then you start noticing that you seem to be gaining weight despite how careful you’ve been in choosing what you eat.

The bad news is there are some diet foods that can actually make you gain instead of losing the weight. Don’t fret; you’ll soon understand why.

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Foods that Heal the Body

Posted by N53 Team on 29/07/2014



When you visit the market you shop for what you need, which are foods that can sustain you. But do you also search for the foods that can truly help you—those that are rich in healing properties such as minerals, antioxidants, and antibacterial? Of course if you know what these are you would add them to your list of groceries. Here’s a few that you can add to your list next time you visit the supermarket.

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Fish Oil and Alzheimer’s

Posted by N53 Team on 21/07/2014



Based on statistical studies, every minute a person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It is a terrible and sad disease, as it robs a person’s memories, other cognitive abilities, and eventually loss in bodily functions as the disease progresses. As with any other debilitating illness, not only is this difficult for the person afflicted, but truly heartbreaking for family and loved ones—just like in the movie, “Notebook”, a devoted husband staring into the eyes of his wife of many years, but only to see eyes staring back devoid of any emotion because she doesn’t remember him.

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Skin Loves Veggies

Posted by N53 Team on 14/07/2014



They say what you eat shows on the outside. So, when you eat crappy you look crappy too. But who can resist eating when there are just so much delicious dishes and snacks to try? You just want to eat all, right? Well, no one said you couldn’t eat this stuff. Of course you can, albeit moderately! What’s important is you also incorporate healthy food into your diet, which means consuming vegetables.

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