Know What Nutrients You Lack By Looking At Your Body

Our body is a brilliant machine. When it’s perfectly oiled with the right nutrition and exercise, it responds by looking and functioning great. But when something’s amiss, our body’s response is to let us know directly with unwanted body conditions. But with problem areas arising, it’s easy to overlook these conditions because we don’t have an idea what’s really going on. Take time to understand what your body is telling about your nutrition (or the lack thereof) with these hard-to-miss symptoms. But remember, a date with the doctor will always let you know for sure what’s up with your body.

Symptom: Cracks at the corner of the mouth

You lack: B vitamins

Good food sources of B Vitamins include meat, fish, whole grains, lentils and peanuts. Or drinking supplements rich in B vitamins like the great-tasting, plant-based protein smoothie Vegan1.

Symptom: White spots or easily broken nails

You lack: Iron or zinc (or both)

While getting your nails done covers up the problem, get to the root of the problem by introducing more iron and zinc-rich food in your diet. Iron and zinc deficiency could point out to a bigger condition, which is anemia. Eat more pork, beef, spinach or liver and a complimentary approach to it is to take a Multi1 capsule everyday for our body’s daily dose of essential nutrients, including zinc and iron.

Symptom: Dry or rough skin

You lack: Vitamin A or Niacin

The skin is the biggest organ in our body so it’s no wonder when problems are brewing inside; it rises to the surface in ugly, itchy conditions. Drinking too much alcohol is one cause of niacin deficiency and eating food sources rich in niacin and Vitamin A include fish, whole grains, and green leafy vegetables. Memory loss is also a sign that you lack niacin, so to help you with your memory, try drinking Neuro1.

Symptom: Chapped lips

You lack: Hydration

Less water in the body means less moisture for the skin. And the delicate tissue of the lips is extra sensitive to drought so when it’s dry, don’t just apply lip balm over it, hydrate! Make sure to drink 8 glasses of water everyday and include whole foods rich in essential fatty acids like nuts, seeds, and avocados to maintain healthy cell membranes and hold in moisture. Reducing unwanted fat is what Lean1 is good at but it’s also a source of good fats (Omega 3 and essential fatty acids), plus it’s a sure thirst quencher when you drink it!