Always Hungry? Never Satisfied? This May Be the Reason Why

Posted by N53 Team on 14/04/2015


You had your meal about an hour ago, and you’re not supposed to be thinking of food at all this early, and yet you feel like you haven’t eaten and want to eat again, so you grab a snack to satisfy that craving you feel. This can be frustrating when this happens more often than you would like that it actually is a cycle. Unfortunately, with this cycle comes the weight gain.  Read More


Posted by N53 Team on 03/03/2015


How important is protein to the human body? Before answering that question, let’s explore what protein is.

What does a car need for it to move? Fuel, right? Without it, you’re not going anywhere. That’s the simplest way to describe what protein is. It’s fuel for the body for it to function. It provides energy. But that’s not all it does, the body needs protein for growth and maintenance. It is the most important component of cells in the body that includes organs, hair, skin, and especially muscles. Then there’s its role in hormones, immune response, blood cell formation, cellular repair—pretty much those that are essential for life.

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Posted by N53 Team on 09/01/2015

If you were able to control yourself from bingeing during the Holidays, then good for you! A lot of people most probably forgot the word ‘diet’ either the entire month of December or the last two weeks of December. And if you’re one of them it’s perfectly okay. It’s hard to ‘celebrate’ when you can’t enjoy all the available goodies, so you took a two-week break or more. No problem. Besides, it was the Holidays! Time to celebrate, right? What’s the harm? It’s just for a short while of being carefree, right?

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Posted by N53 Team on 30/12/2014
Each New Year most everyone decides to come up with a New Year’s resolution. Why is that? Does one have to wait for a new year to start making changes? The answer is obviously no. But there is something about the start of a new year—it’s a clean slate, so to speak; an empty page; a new start for something good. That’s most probably why people love making a New Year’s Resolution. Read More

Another Bacteria You Should Know About

Posted by N53 Team on 03/12/2014
While a lot of people are becoming more aware of E. Coli—a bacterium that affects the intestines—there’s another bacteria that also affects the intestines that everyone should be aware of as well. Salmonella. Read More

Just How Dangerous is E. Coli?

Posted by N53 Team on 20/11/2014


From time to time the term E. Coli is heard in the news, and it would often be lumped together with words such us contamination, food, danger, and even death. A lot of people have a basic understanding of what this is—that it’s a kind of bacteria that can be found on food, which can make humans sick. That’s as far as their understanding is when it comes to E. Coli. Unfortunately, others don’t have a clue what this is.

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Are You Suffering From Stomach Ulcers?

Posted by N53 Team on 13/11/2014


Ever felt that painful, clawing feeling in the middle or upper part of your stomach, which happens between meals, sometimes even throughout the night? This could simply be hyperacidity, but it can also be ulcers. Hyperacidity happens when the gastric juices (hydrochloric acid) in the stomach, which aids in digesting foods, increases in quantity. It is also this condition that can lead to gastritis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach) and peptic ulcers.

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Posted by N53 Team on 06/11/2014


Everyone knows the basic idea of what calories are—these are found in every food, which can make you gain weight the higher the value is. Because of this, when someone who’s health conscious checks out any food product, they would automatically check the back to see how much calories it has. And if the value is high, the product would most likely be returned to the shelf. That’s the reason why food manufacturers always aim to produce low-calorie products.

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What’s All The Fuss With Gluten?

Posted by N53 Team on 30/10/2014


Today, almost all products you see in the supermarket have “Gluten-Free” printed on their packaging. However, a lot of people don’t even fully understand what gluten-free means—if they even need their foods to be gluten-free or not. Let’s try to understand what all the fuss about gluten is. Read More

Fats, Fats, Fats, It's Confusing!

Posted by N53 Team on 24/10/2014


Back in the old days, the cardinal rule was ‘eat to survive’. It was a simple rule—if you eat, you will live. As long as you have food, you will be alright. But that was way back then when medicine was not as advanced as we have it today. As the field of medicine advanced exponentially, and doctors and scientists were able to study and understand the human body better and better, the rule of ‘eating to live’ changed.

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