How to eat healthy while on vacation

It is possible to have a fully immersive vacation experience and indulge in local cuisine without wrecking your weight loss journey, if you know how.

Millennials love to travel and have new experiences. This includes eating delicious local food. It is possible to enjoy your vacation and not stray away from your weight goals. A weight loss journey doesn't need to be prohibitive.

If you're in the middle of your journey and you've got a vacation coming up, don't fret. Here are tips on how you can stay healthy and still enjoy your vacation:

Incorporate daily exercise

While eating right and working out is just part of your daily routine, it's not always a priority on vacation. A missed day at the gym or a cheat meal is one thing. Group together several days of poor eating habits and lack of exercise and you've got several extra pounds to worry about.

This is not to mention some bad habits to break. The best thing to do is incorporate some type of daily exercise into your vacation. Whether it's a 30-minute swim or a jog along the beach, it all counts. The point of exercising while on vacation isn't really to burn calories. It's about maintaining good habits, so you still feel great without packing on the pounds.

Research destination restaurants beforehand

Knowledge is power, and research is key. You put time and effort into your health. You've planned your vacation and saved the money to fund it. Why not take the time to research local eateries and decide which ones may be best for you to visit?

This lets you remove temptation ahead of time and gives you the opportunity to make healthier choices. Eating healthy is about being proactive and planning meals. Of course, you can cheat a little while you are on vacation.

However, you still want to plan most of your meals and snacks ahead of time. This includes the cheat meals.

Shop locally for healthy options

Sopping locally while on vacation is a great way to experience any area. It gives you access to healthy options, locally grown produce and saves you a ton of money. You can shop for items to prepare snacks and meals that will keep your body nourished and satisfied throughout your vacation.

Experience local farmers markets, vendors and culturally centered products, too. For instance, if you are near the coast, you'll have access to different kinds of seafood you may not see at home.

Pack your own snacks

Packing your own snacks is a great way to keep your weight loss journey on track while you are on vacation. It's simple and cost effective. It will also ensure that your body gets essential vitamins and minerals while keeping your metabolism peaked.

Packing your own snacks while on vacation eliminates the possibility of missing a meal or making poor food choices.

Be wary of portion sizes

Eating in moderation is typically the norm at home, especially on a weight loss journey. However, eating out can make it difficult to stick to proper portion sizes. People tend to let their guard down on vacation and loosen structured routines.

Do your best to stick to your normal portion size to keep from throwing all your hard work down the drain. When you eat out, you can take the leftovers for another meal. You can also choose to split a plate with your traveling companion. This will save you a ton of calories and money.

Eating small meals frequently

It has been scientifically proven that eating smaller meals throughout the day is healthier than eating three large meals. It keeps your blood sugar level and your metabolism high. It also helps prevent you from overeating and feeling sluggish.

Eating small meals throughout the day will provide your body with sustained energy and keep it satisfied. It will also help avoid those extra calories that tend to hang around and get stored as fat.

Stay hydrated

It is important to consume adequate amounts of water at home and on vacation. However, vacations typically mean more activities and longer hours in the sun. All this extra sweat and activity increases your body's need for hydration.

Skip the empty calories in sugary fruit drinks and satisfy your thirst with H2O instead. This will also help prevent you from consuming too many additional calories. It's easy to mistake a body's thirst pangs for hunger, especially on vacation.

Indulge strategically

It's okay to indulge while you are on vacation, if you are strategic about it. Try to avoid heavy sauces and gravies if you can. Fill up on lean proteins and vegetables. If you go to a buffet, hit the carving station first. If a dessert is beckoning to you, then order it and split it with someone in your party. A few bites are often enough to satisfy a craving without wrecking your entire diet.

It's also a good idea to increase your protein and fiber intake. Dietary needs are often unsatisfied on vacation. Add a great tasting protein shake to your snack regimen, like the one offered by Nutrition53. It's packed with plenty of dietary fiber, essential vitamins and mineral to keep you fueled and on track while on vacation.