How to lose 10 pounds fast!

Shed the pounds you hate with a diet to lose 10lbs. within a month! How?

 Replace 2 meals a day with Lean1 for 30 days straight.

Make sure to eat 1 well-balanced meal a day and for best results, complete your weight loss with exercise.


1, 800 Calorie Diet

Eating adequate calories a day will help you achieve your weight loss goals. A 1800 calorie diet per day will hold sufficient nutrients and help you stay true to a healthy diet. Here’s how a nutritious 1, 800 calorie diet will look like with Lean1:





1st meal

1 serving Lean1 (no fruits or milk)


2nd meal

1 serving Lean1 (no fruits or milk)


3rd meal (well-balanced lunch or dinner)

  • Lean steak (100 grams) with cheese peppercorn sauce
  • Salad (mushroom, lettuce, tomato at 75 grams each)
  • 1 small jacket potato


Mid-morning snack

1 bowl mixed fruits


Afternoon snack

1 cup non-fat frozen yogurt


Late-night snack

String cheese and honey crackers


Dessert option

1 piece cheesecake


Beverage option

1 serving tomato/vegetable juice



1, 745


This safe and nutritious eating plan will melt off the pounds. The secret? Lean1!

  • Lean1 Healthy Performance Shake delivers premium nutrition to burn body fat faster, build toned and tightened lean muscles, and curb hunger.
  • Lean1’s N53 protein matrix was created to deliver high quality protein so your body can perform its best while losing weight.
  • It has energizing carbohydrates, hunger-fighting protein, 27 essential vitamins and minerals, 7 grams of fiber and more — all packed in only 200 calories per serving in a variety of great flavors!

Continue drinking Lean1 after losing 10lbs. to maintain the new lean you. Get lean and stay lean with Lean1.

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