Tips for Staying in Shape this Holiday

Were getting ready for tomorrow's quadruple digit calorie feast. Delicious as it is, many of us dread those extra pounds that often go along with it. But, is there a way to avoid gaining weight this holiday? You betcha!

The following are some of our favorite strategies for keeping the lbs off while still enjoying the holidays. We've also included a few tips from our Facebook community, too!
So, we hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving meal tomorrow and take the time to read through these helpful weight control tips that can help you looking your best throughout the season and into 2013. Here we go!
Reduce the size of your dinner plate. By simply minimizing what you can load onto a plate, you can substantially slash calories.
"Eat higher protein options and try to substitute complex carbohydrates (like bread and noodles) with veggies. Spaghetti squash and cauliflower are great substitutes, and you will never taste the difference. Cauliflower pulsed in a food processor is a great rice substitute. And, of course, portion control!" - Candace Dugas Denison
Load up on the raw vegetables before dinner. This will minimize your temptation to load up on high calorie stuffing and gravy during the meal.
"As a powerlifter, I train heavy and eat pretty clean. I like to use the holidays as R&R. Ill do a deload week and eat as much as I possibly can - usually turkey, potatoes, and stuffing. But, I will also throw some pecan pie in there, too. Gotta be happy!" - Leigh N Sarah Pierce
Keep alcohol intake to a minimum. Holiday favorites like eggnog and Irish coffee are amazingly high in calories!
"At least an extra 20 minutes a day of exercise can get you ahead of the day in calories." - Maria Inzerillo-Mather
Get out there and play with the kids! Whether its kicking around in the fallen leaves or throwing the football before dinner, the season is ideal for having fun. And, that means burning calories without even having to go to the gym!
"Go for a post dinner walk in the wonderfully colored leaves." - Candace Dugas Denison
Don't sample too much as youre in the kitchen. Each taste of that stuffing while you're cooking has calories. Combine a full day of sampling with a big dinner, and you have a recipe for weight gain!
From the entire team at Nutrition53, we wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!