Ask Bill

As I’ve aged, getting a good night sleep has become increasingly more difficult. Some nights I can fall asleep quickly, but wake up after just a couple of hours. Other nights, I can’t get to sleep at all. I definitely don’t want to take sleep medication, but the lack of sleep is hurting my productivity, irritating my family, and making me downright cranky. Help! - Freida, Port Washington, NY

Bill's Answer:
Hi Freida,

Unfortunately, your problem is all too common. I hear from men and women alike who experience exactly the same sleep difficulties that you’ve described. Fortunately, there is a natural solution that can really help you get a better night sleep and feel more refreshed in the morning. Sleep1 is an effective, natural formula of neuro-nutrients that can make that dream of having a good night sleep come true! With 5-HTP to help you fall asleep faster, melatonin to sleep more soundly, and phenibut & magnesium to relax muscles, I highly recommend Sleep1.

Of course, good “sleep hygiene” is also very important. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and other chemicals that can interfere with sleep. Establish a pre-sleep routine that includes turning off the TV and avoiding stressful activities at least one to two hours before bedtime. Keep your internal clock set with a consistent sleep schedule. Lighten up on evening meals, and of course, exercise and eat right every day!