Benefits of Frozen Yogurt: Lose Weight

Who doesn’t love eating ice cream? But when it bites you back in the form of unwanted pounds, suddenly, you start to hate desserts. So what do you eat that’s as yummy as ice cream but isn’t as fattening? Alas, meet frozen yogurt (or fro-yo), the healthier cousin of the calorie-filled ice cream. So what’s the difference?

Yogurt has been around since 4,000 years ago, though old, yogurt production is not very different from then than it is now. Healthy bacteria are used to pasteurize milk to yogurt fermentation. These healthy strains of bacteria or “live active culture” have many benefits to digestion. In fact, yogurt as a whole is lauded for its many health benefits. Not only is it low in fat, but it’s also an excellent source of calcium, good for digestion, and aids gastro-intestinal infections.

With premium production, all these health benefits can also be found in yogurt’s frozen form. Frozen yogurt, a cooler spin to the traditional yogurt, is a healthier dessert choice than ice cream.

And with constant innovations, the benefits of fro-yo doesn’t stop there, in fact it just got better. Now fro-yo isn’t just a low-fat dessert, fro-yo can now help you lose weight  – really!

Introducing Lean1 Pro-Yo (Protein Yogurt)! A protein-enriched frozen yogurt that’s as good for you as it tastes good. Nutrition53’s Lean1 is a healthy weight-loss, meal-replacement product that contains 20 grams of ultra-filtered, zero-lactose protein, 8 grams of dietary fiber, 17 dried organic fruits and vegetables, 27 vitamins and minerals, organic omega-3 oils, plant sterols, and plant and herbal extracts such as green tea extract, and green coffee bean extract to help shed off weight faster.

Lean1 Pro-Yo fused together the benefits of frozen yogurt with the healthy weight-loss formulation of Lean1. It is a unique dessert that actually helps you get in shape and make you stay that way. So imagine all this healthy, nutritious goodness in Pro-Yo, and these benefits are not found in ice cream or even in other frozen yogurt products.

Anyone who still argues that there’s no significant difference between ice cream and fro-yo would definitely change their mind with Lean1 Pro-Yo. Even better in fact, is adding fruit toppings to your Pro-Yo (just like a regular frozen yogurt) to make it tastier and healthier!
Frozen yogurt has come a long way after it was once considered a food-fad in the 90s; it’s really here for the long run. And with Lean1 Pro-Yo, who would want to skip dessert? And they say dessert makes you fat, we say try Lean1 Pro-Yo, a guilt-free dessert to help you lose weight!