5 Ways to Lose Weight Without Sacrificing your Health

People often ask what’s the best diet there is. The answer is simple—have a healthy diet. Different weight loss schemes have worked for some, but the most important part about following a diet is to make sure you are healthy. Once you know how to stay healthy, the weight will shed off and eventually you will know how to control the pounds.
So how do you get lean the healthy way? 

1.No crash dieting
Sure, not eating may seem logical if you feel like over-eating caused your weight to balloon. And obviously you will lose weight if you don’t eat. But you can’t not eat forever to stay lean, right? Fasting is a wrong shortcut to lose weight because eventually you will feel hungrier, cravings will be harder to control, and studies show that when you eat again after crash dieting, your weight will double from your original weight. And if that doesn't put you off, food nourishes the body, where then will you get your nourishment? Just cut back on your calories. You may not get the results you want quickly, but this is thinking long-term.

2.Eat but don’t overindulge
If not eating is bad, so is overindulging (probably even worse). Learn how to enjoy the foods you love without going overboard. Eat in sensible-sized portions and avoid eating too much that you feel like you’re having “food coma” after. Improve your general eating routine by knowing when to eat and when to stop eating. Discipline is the key to any successful routine—and that includes your diet. 
3.Fiber-rich fruits and veggies
Fiber is the secret to feeling satisfied while losing weight. Fiber helps control hunger and promotes feelings of fullness; fiber even helps lower cholesterol. Fruits and vegetables, beans, and whole grains are the fiber-rich friends you can lean on.

4.Healthy lifestyle change
Losing weight doesn't just rely on what you eat and don’t eat—it’s a holistic process. Keep an active lifestyle, do more exercise, get enough rest, stop surrounding yourself with unhealthy snacks at home, develop an eating routine by eating 6 small meals instead 3 big meals a day, and stop smoking. Eventually you will figure out what’s best for you if you just stay in tune with your body.

5.Stop comparing your body with othersYou are not what you see on TV and magazines. Everyone has a different body type and comparing yourself with these images will do you no good. Sometimes the problems lie in our heads and no amount of healthy food or exercise can stave off our feeling of overweight-ness when we are insecure of others. Love yourself a bit more--that’s the healthiest way to stay lean.