Boost your Overall Well-being with Colors

How wonderful it is to live in a world filled with colors! They make the ordinary and mundane look more stunning, more special. But these vibrant hues aren't just to prettify objects, these stunning visual stimulants can drastically inspire our well-being, from lifting up moods to helping us lose weight, the right colors can literally add more color to our lives.


Bright colors to brighten up your day

Studies show that bright colors boost your energy levels by causing the body to pump up more adrenaline. Want to test it? Try wearing a bright yellow shirt on a somber, gray-sky day. Doesn't it just make you happier and peppier? Another sure-fired way to elevate your mood and energy is with Multi1. It provides powerful brain boosters by delivering essential vitamins and minerals for your body.


Contrasting colors to contrast your appetite

Color has so much to do with the food we eat. From eating our greens to knowing that red is “berry” good for you; studies reveal that the color of the plate affects our appetite. The trick is to contrast the color of your food with the color of the plate, the higher the contrast of the food from the plate, the higher the chance for you to eat less. If the color of the plate and food are the same, your brain won’t distinguish where the color of the food leaves off, and you’ll just keep eating. Using the right color of dishes that makes you eat less plus drinking Nutrition53’s premiere fat-burning meal-replacement lifestyle shake Lean1 is a combination guaranteed to curb your appetite.


Get a clue, use blue!

Feeling less creative? A dab of blue will rouse creativity and productivity into your system. Studies suggest that blue is best for offices and study areas because it is the most conducive color for work and learning. Blue has an invigorating effect yet in a more serene nature than brighter ones. It not only relieves anxiousness, it also stimulates more imaginative thoughts. With a brain stimulating color, you can still boost your mental performance even more by adding Neuro1 to your diet for better focus, concentration, and stronger memory and recall!