The Benefits of Lactose-Free Protein

As a key component of Lean1, protein provides an energy boost while helping to control hunger. Because protein does offer such substantial benefits while trying to lose weight, it is commonly found in almost all meal replacement shakes.

Yet, not all protein is created equal. In fact, the type of protein found in protein powders used to create meal replacement and weight-loss shakes can make a dramatic difference in how you feel.

The highest quality protein powder, and what you will find in Lean1, is whey protein isolate. This is inherently lactose-free. Lesser quality protein is produced from milk proteins and can cause a variety of digestive problems especially for those who are lactose intolerant. When you consider that approximately 75 percent of the worlds population has some amount of lactose intolerance, this is a significant concern.

Lactose, the sugar in milk, typically breaks down during digestion with the help of an enzyme your body produces lactase. However, those with lactose intolerance do not produce enough lactase themselves to properly digest the sugar. This causes undigested food to pass into the large intestine where bacteria has to break it down. The result? Gas, bloating, a sluggish feeling, and even diarrhea. Not exactly what you want to experience when youre trying to stay active and healthy!

Why Whey?

Lean1 uses protein derived from whey that is easy for the body to digest. This is a complete protein that contains essential amino acids and no lactose. With 20 grams of premium protein, a Lean1 shake can be an ideal way to get the daily protein you need to control metabolism, build muscle, and stay energized.

If you are sensitive to lactose or have noticed bloating or gas after consuming meal replacement shakes, you should definitely read the labels! And, then give Lean1 a try. It will give you the nutrients you need to help you achieve your weight loss goals while keeping you feeling your best throughout each and every day!