We Can All Be Champions

It has definitely been an inspiring week watching Michael Phelps round off his record breaking career with an 18th gold medal and Gabby Douglas become the first black gymnast to win the all-around gold. While their achievements are amazing under even the best of circumstances, these two champions have overcome substantial odds to achieve their goals.

Michael Phelps was raised by a single mom. And, with a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as a child, many never thought he would amount to much at all. Gabby Douglas, like Phelps, was also raised primarily by a single mother who scraped by to pay for her daughters gymnastics. With a history of letting nerves get the best of her during competition, Gabby wasn't always considered an Olympic caliber athlete.

Although both gold medalists have been blessed with amazing athleticism, their true superiority stems from their ability to steadfastly focus on their goals and never give up. This dedication is exactly what has made them achieve their best, against all odds. And, its what can make you achieve yours, too!

Working toward a Goal

While most of us are not able to swim 50 meters in 23 seconds or perform a standing, layout back flip on a four inch-wide balance beam, were all capable of achieving personal greatness. Whether its losing those 15 pounds of extra weight that youve accumulated over the last few years or being able to have more energy for work and family, a goal and a focused approach for achieving what you want is a must.

At Nutrition53, its our goal to help you discover your personal best and live like you mean it! Why not take some inspiration during these Olympics to determine your goals and start on the path of becoming the champion you are?

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