Introducing new Lifestyle Bundles

Nutrition53 today announced its new program to offer price incentives for multi-product online customers. The company manufactures and sells four premium supplements online and in 1,500 national retail locations. The new Lifestyle Packages ALLOW CUSTOMERS TO SAVE 35% ON pre-set packages that include three or more products.

Nutrition53 anticipates online customers will be eager to take advantage of the new packages for financial savings and convenience. By increasing the volume of each order, the company can now pass on savings to customers and encourage a healthier lifestyle for their customers.

“Nutrition53’s new Lifestyle Packages incentivize our customers to take care of their entire body, from head to toe,” says Nutrition53’s founder, former NFL Linebacker Bill Romanowski. “Weight management is obviously a key component to good health. However, a healthy lifestyle takes more than just weight loss. It also requires essential nutrients, quality sleep, and energy to exercise.” The company's product line includes the Lean1 Healthy Performance Shake, Neuro1 Mental Performance Formula, Sleep1 Sleep Performance Formula, and Multi1 Daily Performance Multi-Vitamin & Mineral. The company’s daily-use model encourages customers to incorporate supplements into a healthy diet with regular exercise.