Making the Switch


Dieters are always on the lookout for the best ways to make their diets as nutritious as possible—always searching for food that has more benefit than others. And there certainly are if you really look. But we’ll make things a bit easier and list down a few for you to start with. At the end you will want to make that switch for better nutrition.

Switch to bison instead of beef. This is better because it is 32 calories less, lesser in fat grams, and has more protein. There is nothing to worry about when it comes to taste because it is just like lean beef. This is a good red-meat alternative.

Choose quinoa over brown rice. With quinoa you will get 6 percent more fiber, more protein, and higher amounts of iron and potassium.

If you’re into Chia seeds, the better alternative is Flax seeds. There haven’t been a lot of studies on Chia. So, to be sure, it’s better if you know what you’re taking. Flax seed contains vitamin B, fiber, and Omega 3. Be sure to purchase ground flax because it’s possible that whole seeds pass through without being digested.

If you happen to have watermelon as part of your diet, you will do even better if you go with strawberries instead. These have close to three times the amount of fiber that watermelons carry, has less sugar, and packed with vitamin c. And for a bit of trivia, berries are considered the most nutritious fruits.

For those who love their low-fat cheese, you’ll do great with full-fat goat or feta cheese. Don’t raise your brows after reading ‘full-fat’. These have linoleic acid, which is a type of fat that helps the body burn fat. Majority of low-fat cheese is processed and most likely have flavor additives.

Those are just a few alternatives you can add to your diet. There are plenty more. But this list will help you to a good start on a mega nutritious diet.