10 Ways to Cut Calories This Thanksgiving

Did you know that the average Thanksgiving dinner has over 4,000 calories? This one meal can definitely kick off the holiday season weight gain. But, there are some easy substitutions that you can make to reduce your caloric intake this Thanksgiving. And by doing so, you might be giving thanks on Black Friday when you can still fit in your skinny jeans!

Slathering a turkey with butter or brining it tastes good but adds a lot of extra calories. Instead, try adding a rub made of miso which is a paste of fermented soybeans or lightly brushing it with olive oil and poultry seasoning for a more traditional taste. Both alternatives can slash about 200 calories from your serving of turkey.

The traditional bread stuffing is one of the most beloved items at Thanksgiving and also one of the most fattening. But, it doesn’t have to be! Try using more apples, celery, and onions, and less bread. Use whole wheat bread to add more fiber, and keep it moist with fat-free chicken stock instead of dollops of butter. You just reduced your calories by 180!

Gravy is notorious for being laden with calories. To make it more diet-friendly, use defatted pan juice and a little lemon for flavor. Calories are cut by more than 70!

Sweet Potatoes
Do you really need to top already delicious sweet potatoes with butter, sugar, and marshmallows? Try simply pan roasting sweet potatoes with fresh herbs for a delicious and much healthier alternative to this classic Thanksgiving dish. By doing so, you can save about 400 calories.

Green Beans
Green bean casserole can be a diet disaster. Instead, steam the haricots verts with a little lemon and dill. It’s both faster to prepare and actually much more delicious. And, it cuts another 50 calories from your meal.

Cranberries are inherently low calorie. Yes, there’s some added sugar, but they’re still one of the healthier items on the table. Load up and take advantage of all of the antioxidant benefits of this holiday superfood!

Pumpkin Pie
There’s typically a lot of sugar in traditional pumpkin pie. But, you can substitute stevia quite easily without losing the flavor.

Pre-Meal Snacks
Calorie intake usually starts long before the turkey is sliced. Hors d’oeuvres and other finger foods can be a source of a lot of calories during the holidays. By choosing raw vegetables with hummus or yogurt instead of spinach dip and tortilla chips, you can cut your day’s intake of calories by hundreds.

A celebratory glass of wine isn’t a problem when you’re watching your weight, but three or four glasses can definitely put on the pounds quickly, as well as potentially cause other health issues. The holidays should be about celebrating in moderation.

A Meal Replacement Shake
Whether you’ll be in the kitchen cooking the meal or watching football in the living room, you’re going to get hungry before meal-time – especially when you’re smelling all of the wonderful foods baking in the oven. Instead of grabbing for yet another sample of the stuffing, reach for a 200 calorie Lean1 shake to tide you over until its time to eat. You’ll get a wide range of nutrients and the protein to satisfy your cravings.

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