Lean1 PRO cookies & cream 5-lb

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Lean1 PRO is a fat burning protein shake that offers:
30 Grams Protein: Our blend of whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate is lactose free. By eliminating lactose (milk sugar) in our protein it allows your body to utilize the protein quicker and more efficiently without bloating, upset stomach or gas. Branched Chain Amino Acids: BCAAs increase synthesis of the cellular machinery responsible for carrying out the process of protein utilization. Thus, not only increase the rate of protein synthesis, but also prevent muscle breakdown and catabolism. Leucine Peptides: Peptides that are isolated from whey proteins that delivers the essential amino acid L-Leucine in a soluble and more highly bioavailable form. Increased nutrient delivery helps contribute to better muscle synthesis, growth and repair. Green Coffee Bean Extract: Green coffee bean extract is an all-natural fat burning ingredient that comes with no side effects. It isn’t the caffeine that causes the fat burning. It’s actually a compound found inside raw coffee beans called chlorogenic acid. Digestive Enzymes: Digestive enzymes are a crucial part of the whey protein absorption and utilization process. Without these digestive enzymes, your body would not be able to convert protein into the body’s usable form of protein, which are amino acids.