Lean1 Natural chocolate 5-lb (2 bags)

Fat Burning Meal Replacement

TOTAL: 110.00
Lean1 Natural is a fat burning meal replacement powder that uses natural flavorings and sweeteners with each serving containing 20 grams of ultra-filtered, zero-lactose protein, 8 grams of dietary fiber, 17 dried organic fruits and vegetables, 27 vitamins and minerals, organic omega-3 oils, plant sterols, and plant and herbal extracts such as green tea extract and green coffee bean extract to help burn fat faster. In addition to the protein, fiber, and vitamins typical of meal-replacement formulations, Lean1 has great taste, satisfies hunger cravings, and is not only a catalyst for weight loss but also a tool for keeping weight off by becoming a daily routine perfect for pre and post-workout drink, snack, and even dessert.

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